Художница приобрела популярность благодаря костюмам супергероев, которые рисует на своём теле

28-летняя дизайнер и модель Кей Пайк за несколько недель приобрела тысячи поклонников, после того как начала рисовать костюмы супергероев прямо на своём теле.

По её словам, каждой костюм может обходится ей до $150 и занимать до 15 часов. При этом всю работу она осуществляет самостоятельно, пишет Daily Mail.

I Painted a Lady Deadpool on http://www.twitch.tv/kaypikefashion yesterday! Very excited to see the new movie. This video has our favourite 4rth wall humour #deadpool is famous for. Ever since @lustredust https://www.facebook.com/LMMakeupArtist painted me as Lady Deadpool for @edmontonexpoofficial I've been itching to get back into character! I'm really very happy with this one! I used three lighting sources, one ambient white, one spotlight blue and and one pin-light yellow. I was doing a #speedrun paint so I could see how fast I can go after two months of practice, it only took 5 hours! I'm cereal! I had help in my #twitchtv stream, the chat was dictated to me so I could socialize with everyone without having to read and it took this level of paint (normally I would stream for 14 hours) down to a reasonable level! I had time to make balloon things for people and just play and hangout and feel good before a photo-shoot. My moderators were really helping too <3 <3 <3 I HAVE PROOF I can paint end entertain in a reasonable amount of time! SO EVERYONE tell your favourite convention! #ladydeadpool #deadpoolmovie @vancityreynolds @robliefeld #robliefeld #fabiannicieza #rhettreese #paulwernick @briannahilde @edskrein @teenagemillionaire #morenabaccarin @ginajcarano @stefankapicic @deadpoolmovie @deadpool_4real @deadpoolfacts @deadpool.marvel @calgaryexpo @cineplexmovies @kryolanofficial @mehronmakeup @mehroncanada @sephora @bennyemakeup @geekfantasymagazine @comicsandcoffee @comicbookresources @geekculture @badasscosplay @epiccomicpics @marvel @marvel_pics #makeup #bodypaint #yyc #calgary #mua #makeupartist #comic #comicbooks #illusion #costume #cosplay #cospaint #bodyart @twitch #twitchcreative #twitch #marvel #fanart #marveluniverse

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